Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm kinda back

It's been petty hectic here in Arlington, Texas.  My faithful companion DeeOhGee died on the 21st of November, 2013,  the last thing I whispered in his ear was that he was the best Dog ever and that I would take him home. On the 24th of December my daughter and I and our friend Bob headed to Port Aransas, Texas. That was home to DeeOhGee, we sprinkled his ashes at almost all of the bars that had allowed him to be there by my side. My friend Mitzi gave me a necklace that holds some of his ashes in it.  It is a cylindrical metal tube with a screw on top.  So he is still with me in a way.  If that wasn't enough some nurse at the VA wrote a note in my records that I had Liver cancer, I found this out on the HealthEvet website and went to the hospital and started raising hell about why they didn't let me know I had cancer.  Come to find out it was a nurse that prepped me when I had my Gall Bladder removed.  I just got the results in on the 11th of this month of the MRI they did in Jan. and the spot is still on my liver but it's not cancerous. That's the good news, the bad part is I have been up here in Arlington for over 2 years waiting for the next generation of Hep C treatment is approved by the FDA. there is a treatment that is getting pretty good results but it's not that effective with people that tried the old treatment and did not respond. My Hep C is genome type 1 which of course is the hardest type to get rid of.  Plus having the Lupus on top of everything else, the doctor once again said we are waiting on the next generation (should be approved by FDA this summer) the good thing about this new treatment it is just a pill you don't have to give yourself the Interferon shots, it's just a pill I am going to be scheduled for a breathing function test and a stress test because even though it's just a pill there are horrible side effects. The doctor I saw this time said it's just like chemotherapy side effects and they want to be sure thaat I am strong enough to undertake the treatment. the reason for this is the pills I have to take are $666,00 the over all treatment with the medication totals approximately $90,000.00 so they have to make sure that I'm ready to tackle this once it is approved. I've quit drinking and I am going to try and quit the cigarettes, So I'm thinking if I don't quit they might not do the treatment, Instead of getting a carton when I run out of what I have, I'm gonna take that money and buy one of those ecigs..... I think that will be the easiest and most convenient way of doing it   This is going to save me $80-$90 bucks a month. Who knows I might be able to get a car sometime this year. The sooner the better.  I have a beach cruiser bike and a Trike, but I happen to live on the side of town with the only hills in Arlingtom being where I live so to go anywhere I have to start peddling uphill and finish pedalling uphill.  My poor body just don't wanna do that any more.

Well that is the latest update on my boring life, I keep waking up each moqrning and if I keep doing that everything will maybe be alright, Though when I lay in bed and try to fall asleep I think about how easy it would be to just say the Hell with this shit DeeOhGee I gonna come join you, I know that he is romping around in the green lush pasture on the other side of the rainbow bridge...  May you have a great Fiday and a wonderful weekend.